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Gambling is a problem that a country must takes seriously, because the state knows that gambling cause bankruptcy. This is a phenomenon that can never disappear from time to time, even though we know that the state has taken various ways to stop all types of gambling circulating. This can be seen with the publication of various kinds of gambling which are legalized by the government in order to save its citizens from gambling.

Gambling has many types. And among the types of gambling, poker, soccer gambling, online slot gambling, domino99 gambling, and baccarat are among the types most favored by players. Regardless of the type, any form of gambling cause bankruptcy.

Gambling does cause bankruptcy, because a gambling game has actually been designed by the bookie or game holder judi domino 99 . Especially online gambling, of course, this game has been designed by a sophisticated computer system.

It is said that gambling cause bankruptcy because the winning ratio given is smaller than the loss ratio provided by the site itself. This is of course because the site organizers do not want to lose money, but on the one hand they still retain their old players.

Gambling is currently back in circulation in the community, especially online gambling. Gambling can indeed cause bankruptcy because at the beginning, trying a gambling site gave a win for the players. But over time the site gives a loss whose value is not impossible to be greater than the victory obtained.


Some people may not realize that gambling cause bankruptcy. This is because if someone loses in a small amount, then the feeling or desire that arises in you, of course, wants to be curious continuously to try gambling in the hope of getting a win. And even if you win, believe that the victory you get is worth less than the nominal amount of your loss.

The only way if you don’t want to go bankrupt is to quit the gambling game. It is not easy for gambling addicts to immediately quit the circle. Because like cigarettes that contain nicotine, gambling itself has an addiction which can make the players don’t even want to stop.

Stopping from gambling must be done to prevent serious financial conditions. Because not a few people who play gambling have financial conditions that were previously good to be shattered caused by playing too much gambling.

Actually there are many ways that can be done to get out of the game from gambling. The main thing, of course, is with intention, because without it, someone will not be able to get out of the circle of gambling games. The second way you can do if you really want to stop gambling is to look for positive activities.

Look for positive activities such as getting closer to God, or by looking for a side job if you really have free time after work. And for those of you who are not working and want to get out of gambling, you can look for work.

 Never depend your life on gambling, let alone expect wealth from gambling. Because in this world there are no successful people or people who get rich through gambling. Remember carefully, gambling cause bankruptcy!