The Art of Project Management – Grant Writing Techniques

November 18, 2021 0 By admin

I often hear people talk about small work tasks, and I am always surprised when people don’t talk about the work as being a project. Often a job is simplified and such a simple task referred to as being unworthy of project management. It is not that people are dumb, or people forget why project management is important. It is usually simple wishful thinking. It is wishful, the sunny and fantastic thinking that probably everything will indeed go well PMP certification cost.

And with everything in this great fantastic universe of wishful thinking, you don’t need to work on such boring drudgery…there is no need for writing out tasks, dependencies, and detailing plans in writing. If you are like me, you might offer some advice to the peer…letting them know that indeed this little task is important enough to use that P word. The P word being “project”, and that people need to refer to this task as a project, not just a task.

I have recently been part of a few grant writing efforts and grant scoring tasks. Pursuing grants is an art first of all, yet often there is defined tasks that need to be done, and yet it is not treated like a project. Someone working on a grant should have a plan first of all, a program plan. The grant program plan involves methods and steps that have been proven to work for managing projects. Project management methods and discipline are applied to each grant program.

As work proceeds on a grant pursuit, at some point in time a plan must be created, as there has been definite work applied to the project already and more to come. At this point grants are treated like a business project where deliverables must be met, costs controlled, and attention to quality will be needed to create a successful project. For grants, the plan has more emphasis on solid subject research than a traditional project (and affiliated “project management tasks”). Also, communications with grantors and stakeholders is key and must guide the project entirely. Creating a program plan for a grant will often involve more communications tasks than any other task. Agility to change and resourcefulness are givens…the plan must be created in a way that work is only done when the direction of the project is verified.