Anonymous Proxy Lists – A Dangerous Proxy

October 24, 2021 0 By admin

The concept of anonymous proxy lists are great – especially if you are concerned about protecting your privacy on the internet.   An anonymous proxy will  basically act as an intermediary on the internet and forward all your requests for web sites whilst not revealing your IP address or physical location.   Normally your IP address will be stored on the server logs of any web server you access but when you use an anonymous proxy server then it has no record of your location or IP address.

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OK so this sounds good – that is what anonymous proxy servers are for – to protect your privacy .  The big problem and it is a very big problem is that all your data is actually passed through this proxy server usually completely unencrypted – the data is merely forwarded to it’s destination.

Recently a colleague of mine mentioned to me he was using an anonymous proxy in order to access and play online roulette games.  Because his ISP was based in the USA all of the online casinos wouldn’t let him play due to their online gaming laws.  Of course when he used the proxy server his location was actually given as that of the proxy server (Russia in this case) and he was able to play.   He also told me this was much more secure as his internet activities could not be traced back to his IP address and location.

I’m afraid although there is some truth in this, it is far from a good idea.   To use an anonymous proxy you must have 100% confidence in the integrity of the server and of the people controlling this server.  You are passing all your data mostly unencrypted through this proxy in order for it to forward to the web page you requested.    All your information and personal details can be accessed via the administrators of this proxy server – a simple capture like tcpdump will log every piece of data that passes through.

Two weeks ago strange things started to happen on my PC. The system was running extremely slow and every time I opened my browser pop-ups for online casinos and pc games came up.

Then, Firefox quit working. The Internet Explorer was working, but it was extremely slow and my homepage changed with every start. And hundreds of pop ups came out of nowhere.

Fortunately my antivirus program was still working. But it couldn’t detect any worms, Trojans Viruses or other malware. I didn’t know what to do. Maybe my antivirus program wasn’t that good was my next thought.

So I downloaded nearly every free antivirus program I could find online. I was ready to remove the Trojan virus on my computer. I ran the endless scans, but the results were disappointing.

There were some infections, which I instantly deleted – but no Trojan Viruses were found. I restarted the system several times but the symptoms were still there – the system was running awfully slow, pop ups were killing me, I was redirected every 10 seconds to some commercial sites…

And it got worse: now, some programs weren’t working (Word, ITunes). So I tried to post my problems in an online expert-forum.

The topic “How to remove a Trojan Virus” was quite popular, but it took some time, before somebody could give me some useful tips. Most people – including the experts – recommended me the program HiJackThis. This program scans the computer and creates a list of differences from a known spyware-free environment.

I ran the scan and even posted my log-file in the expert-forum. After one day, the “experts” told me there were no suspicious activities. I couldn’t believe it! I could feel there was a Trojan virus involved. The question “How to remove a Trojan virus” was already on my lips. But even HiJack couldn’t help me…?

The problem with HiJack is that it lists tons of processes running on your system. But that’s it! It’s up to you to decide which ones are “the bad ones” and need to be removed. And even worse: if you delete something wrong, it can cause significant damage to your system.

I was helpless and desperate – even the experts who studied several of my log-files couldn’t help me. And all the problems were still there – by now for some reason Opera quit working.

I was seriously thinking about buying a new PC! On the edge of despair, I read some reports from other guys in the online-forum who had the same problems – and successfully got rid of them. A lot of them were talking about a Norton AntiVirus – and how it helped them to find and remove the infections on their systems.