Affiliate’s Guide To Blogging When You Can’t Think Of A Thing To Write About

October 12, 2021 0 By admin

Most affiliate marketers will have a blog either to support their websites or to market their products or both. As bloggers it is our duty to provide our visitors with interesting, eye-catching topics that provides them with valuable information. But sometimes, even if we have our topics picked out, when we sit down to write we draw a blank. Well this article can serve as the affiliate’s guide to easy blogging.

Search online for any interesting news in your niche. Hit your favorite news sites or grab a newspaper and see if anything catches your fancy. If your niche is fitness wear, what are the big brands putting on the market this season? What are the hot new styles and colors? What about new materials used to make fitness clothing stronger? Maybe an athlete is endorsing one of your favorite fitness lines? Maybe you will find a local athletic event that might go great with the clothing you promote?

The point is to get out and look around. Find news sources that might get your creative juices flowing.

Read some blogs in your niche! Now don’t steal anyone’s content, but see what others are writing about, this will often help to inspire you. You may have a different perspective on a very interesting subject that other bloggers are writing about. If it fits you niche, go for it.

Write your personal perspective on that particular subject and provide plenty of personal experience as to why you feel this way.

My favorite way to find something to write about is to go online and do a top ten search. For example, if your niche is fitness clothing, you could search the’ top 10 bra tops for high impact activities’ or ‘top 10 running shoes for hill running’, you get the idea.

After I have done my search, I will then visit each site and pick out some pretty cool topics to start researching and writing about. This will usually provide me with enough information for about 5 high quality posts.

Writing about your life experience is always a great way to start a blogging post. If your niche is coffee you could easily write about how you enjoy your coffee. Maybe you like to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise. Maybe you find that having your coffee in a certain place or made a certain way reminds you of a special moment in your life?