Four Steps of the Gambling Addiction

September 18, 2021 0 By admin

Gambling addictions are no longer unheard of – they are believed to be rising now more than ever due to the increasing opportunities to gamble. There are more casinos, sports betting and slot machines than ever before. If you stay away from casinos, there is also telephone betting and even more gambling on the internet. It is truly an addiction that can be difficult to conquer.

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Gambling can and does become a serious problem. It often leads to financial and relationship ruin in most, if not all, cases. For some, attempted suicide after losing a bet is not unheard of. Pathological gambling is much more common among men than in women, though the number female gambling addicts are on the rise as well. Gambling addicts are also more likely to smoke cigarettes and abuse alcohol compared to recreational gamblers and this can compound the problem. There are four phases that can help you realize a gambling addiction: the winning phase, the chasing phase, the desperation phase and hopelessness.

1. The Winning Phase – This is a short and sometimes non-existent phase that associates escape from problems with winning several small or large bets. It can give a temporary boost in self-esteem and a sense of empowerment. The excitement and titillation often felt at the casino is used to charge up the lives of those predisposed by some conditions and loneliness agen judi togel .

2. The Chasing Phase – The addiction starts to unravel when a number of losses are attributed to poor luck. Somehow, no win is ever enough. More often, the person prefers to gamble alone. They start to hide their gambling because the losses have put them in a tight financial spot. The addict begins to ignore his or her family and then becomes irritable when not gambling. Slowly, gambling and betting become the sole coping mechanism to the larger issues in life. The addict can gamble until he is insolvent and can become unapproachable about the problem. This phase can last a number of years, with the addict progressively placing larger bets on longer odds. More often than not, the addict starts borrowing money to support the habit and his family life is gone.

3. The Desperation Phase The addict behaves there is little, if no time for anything else and nothing else in life matters except the thrill of betting more. He resorts to lying, manipulation and complete denial of criticism. He usually externalizes the blame and does not hold himself accountable for his desperate state. Sometimes he can exhibit acute anger at others who deny that his gambling is just “normal”. Usually, his finances are a wreck and bills remain unpaid. The family by now knows the addiction but remains suffering and powerless. Sometimes the gambler contemplates suicide and sees death as the only exit strategy. This is the point where most remediation occurs but relapses from initial recovery programs can be frequent. Unfortunately, there are many who undertake the recovery program but keep gambling anyway.