Alternative Ideas For Company Christmas Cards – Send a Pop-Up Calendar Instead!

September 2, 2021 0 By admin

Choosing your corporate Christmas Card can be a tricky business. For one thing, there are so many people in your own organisation that will want a say in the matter. On top of that you have to be careful that the greeting satisfies today’s version of being politically correct. After all that, it is important that your greeting stands out above all others and gives a positive message about your own company. And all of this is just for a Christmas Card!

What about an alternative to a Christmas card? Desk calendars are always a popular choice as a Christmas promotion and have the obvious benefit of being kept on your customer’s desk for the next 12 months. But how many of your competitors will have gone down the same path? You need to think hard about how to make your Christmas promotional calendar stand out above the others custom printed mailer boxes near me. So how do you achieve that goal that without spending an absolute fortune on a super-duper de-luxe wall calendar from an expensive Christmas gift catalogue? Here’s a suggestion. Why not take away all of the hassle and plump for a pop-up calendar with a distinctive shape?

For example, how about a pop-up that has a shape that lends itself to producing pop up mailers looking like castles, towers, “ton weight”, or it might even match a company logo. A pop up castle has four trapezium-shaped walls that give the product its castle shape. These walls offer a large area for promotional print which makes it a great candidate for use as a pop up mailer. The base and top are both square.

The shape and size of the pop up castle works to the benefit of the automatic pop up action and the product has a very strong “jump”. It goes off with a quite noisy crack when the mailing envelope is opened and continues to have a strong action when used over and over. Many businesses are called “castle this” or “tower that” and many of them have a logo that fits this pop up shape. The pop up castle can easily be adapted to become a promotional desk-top pen holder for such a company by adding some holes to the top surface.

Of course, there are many other quite distinctive shapes on the market which can be made into quite unique pop-up desk calendars. A product called a Hexapop was launched earlier this year and so it is new to the Christmas market. Its overall shape is hexagonal but it is made up of twelve triangular faces – each of which can be custom printed with the dates for each of the 12 months. You might want to consider a heptagonal variation on this Christmas idea as that product has 14 panels – 7 on each side. That gives 6 panels for January to June plus one panel for your logo or Christmas marketing message. Turn over for July to December and another marketing message!

Other shapes lend themselves very easily to the double use of pen-holder-cum-calendar. A pop up in the shape of a house could make a very attractive Christmas greeting with graphics as Santa’s grotto or as a snow-covered log cabin and, of course, pop-up cubes and box-shaped pop-ups will easily perform the dual function.