How to Look Gorgeous in a Rain Soaked Evening, When You Can Wear Rain Boots and Leather Dresses

August 26, 2021 0 By admin

Rain boots are not just fashion accessories which you can pair with any dress, but they also create a distinct style statement as far as your rainy season style is concerned. These boots can be paired with leather and silk skirts and scarves, to make you look more gorgeous in the rainy season swing dress .

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Rain boots paired with long scarves:

You can dress in silken white gown which has a length to your knees. Then you can just fold a scarf two ways and wrap around your shoulder or you can just allow a multi-colored scarf to flow casually from around your hands, while you dress yourself in a part of brown or black leather boots. This is generally a basic combination of style and dress, and you can allot just a little time for your entire dressing up. You can also match a black and white serrated umbrella for a more chic look, and put some extra effect with a brown water-proof clutch.

Colorful rain boots with mini-skirts:

If you do not want the dirty monsoon water to touch your feet or splash around your body, then you can definitely maintain a safe distance by wearing a mini skirt in pleats, or just flowing mini shirts with white short shirts paired with a long silk scarf in geometrical patterns. The knee-length boots that you usually choose with a mini or a micro skirt, should be a long one, and if you have tall and slender legs, you can also wear flat heeled or block heeled rain boots. Try to see that the rain boots are made up of water proof canvas or leather, and you should also have enough space to feel comfortable in the dress and the boot.

Pairing rain boots with silk wrap around skirts:

rubber or canvas boots can also be paired with wrap around skirts for a more drastic and stylish effect in this rainy season. But you have to make sure that you wear short rain boots otherwise they will totally be covered with the wrap around skirt. You can really look pretty and also dashing if you combine hooped ear-rings, long dangling chandelier ear rings and stone-studded bracelets as a part of your dressing accessories. You will get a combination effect of the traditional and the modern outlook with this combination.

Combining short height boots with the formal attires:

Rain boots with shirts and shorts:

Ankle boots can be paired very well with white or pink shirts and jeans shorts or leggings. In fact, the girls will look more attractive in a pair of shorts which can very well be paired with rubber boots in Red and Cream color, or the shorts can also be paired with leather rain boots in coffee and nutmeg colors. There are a lot of designs and colors available for the rain boots in the market and the buyers can readily choose from the online shopping portals also. in case of boys and men, shorts with long t-shirts or shirts can be paired with extra large water-proof sunglasses and rain boots.