Pets in the City

June 22, 2021 0 By admin

I, like other Chicago pet owners, am happier when my dog relieves himself of any excrement, urine, vomit or hairballs outdoors. In fact, I have come to rely on this as a normal, everyday, event. Unfortunately while these accidents occur infrequently for me, for other they arise a bit more frequently, whether they have dogs or cats or any other type of (hopefully) domesticated animal(s).

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Cat urine is one of the more bothersome of pet accidents in that it has a way of smelling quite unlike anything else, and unfortunately it is not a good odor at all, while sinking deeper in to the carpeting and padding of your home. If you work long shifts or are out of town often for your job or even for a vacation and this type of accident sets in you are left with little choice but to call a carpet cleaning company flooded basement Chicago. If you were to try and clean up the urine stain yourself with a towel and water or a store bought spray the chances are you will be surface cleaning and dealing with unpleasant smells for some time to come.

Many residents in Chicago live in apartments and condos that have area rugs and wood flooring. That wood flooring can be affected in the same ways that carpet is and many times efforts at cleaning them also push it deeper into the grain of the wood. Since carpet cleaners call themselves carpet cleaning companies most people don’t think about their having the skills and ability to professionally clean floors, but they do and they are happy to remedy your carpet and floor needs at any time.

Maybe during a walk with your dog he or she finds something, anything left on the ground and decides to it. This is usually ok, however sometimes it results in a sick dog who vomits hours after the walk and when they are back home. The convenience of the dog getting sick outside removed you will now have a situation on your hands that is less pretty than cleaning up any “number two” accidents. Again, surface cleaning will only embed the mess deeper in the carpet but an expert shampooing and cleaning will ensure the mess is gone while sanitizing your carpets and keeping them looking their best.

Also keeping food and water bowls away from carpeted areas will help in keeping them clean.

My grandfather always said that if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, then just wait a minute. Those of us that have spent one year or more here know that statement to be true as the weather can go from sunny to rainy, cloudy to snow, ice to rain to sunny again in a moment and those sorts of changes makes walking your pet or emptying litter boxes a little less regular. This provides higher instances of “potty” accidents and along with the heat from summer or the heat to keep you warm in the winter these can become even more of a nuisance with smell and staining.

Remember that year round and everyday there is a carpet cleaning professional that can help you to remedy all of your pet accident problems so you don’t have to worry about anything other than the enjoyment of your animals.