Figuring Out Sales Commissions

June 21, 2021 0 By admin

If you’re interested in the secret that makes the Reverse Funnel System so successful for the online marketers that have embraced it I have bad news for you. There really is no secret ingredient that makes this automated system a powerhouse in sales generation for your online multi-level marketing business.

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The success of the system actually lies in a word I used in the opening paragraph….AUTOMATED. That’s right….the Reverse Funnel System is a revolutionary automated sales process that closes prospects/leads in your business in an efficient manner that will significantly increase your online income Best cannabis strains. The brains behind this system (Ty Coughlin) went to great lengths to hire the very best copywriters, online marketing experts and web conversion experts in order to provide an automated system that levels the online network marketing business filed for both newbies and expert marketers.

However, don’t think this system does everything for you. Although it completely eliminates the need to call prospects, close sales and follow up with prospects that can’t decide if they want to join your program it doesn’t supply the actual leads. This means that your primary objective should be to funnel traffic to your own Reverse Funnel System. Because the system handles all of the closing of your leads it allows you the opportunity to focus your energies on honing your marketing skills and acquiring more leads. In short the system makes you money and lots of it. In fact, many new users are reporting sales that make them in excess of $1,000.

The Reverse Funnel System has extremely high conversion rates (as high as 30-40%) on it’s back end product (Global Resorts Network). The front end converts even better as your leads are introduced to a unique conversion system that effectively weeds out the tire-kickers or those that are either not interested in really starting an online business or simply aren’t ready to start a profitable online business.

This revolutionary front-end system works by building anticipation and excitement by having your leads go through a paid survey in order to join your online organization. Thus the system weeds out those that are non-committed to success and would ultimately waste your valuable time. As long as you focus on your marketing methods and drive traffic to your lead capture page the Reverse Funnel System will do its job and close your sales for you.