Migraine Headache Triggers – Understanding Triggers to Avoid Migraine Pain

June 9, 2021 0 By admin

To prevent frequent migraines, it is important to understand migraine headache triggers. Although the medical field doesn’t entirely understand what causes migraines, it seems that there are both environmental and genetic factors that are involved.

Many think that brain chemical imbalances or perhaps changes that occur in the trigeminal nerve can cause this pain to occur. While there is no concrete evidence on the exact cause of these headaches, there are definitely a variety of common triggers that may cause them to occur. Understanding triggers and learning which triggers may affect you can help you to avoid triggers, helping you lower the incidence 助聽耳機 of migraine pain.

Trigger #1 – Particular Foods

Many migraine sufferers find that one of the main migraine headache triggers they deal with is eating particular foods. Some foods that are well known for triggering a migraine include aspartame, alcohol, aged cheese, monosodium glutamate, processed foods, salty foods, and even chocolate. Fasting or skipping a meal often may cause a migraine to occur.

Trigger #2 – Hormonal Changes

For many women, hormonal changes can be a big trigger for migraine pain. When estrogen in the body fluctuates, women with known migraines often end up dealing with an onset of a migraine. Often headaches occur during or right before menstruation when estrogen in the body drops. Menopause and pregnancy can both cause migraines to occur. Even hormone replacement therapy and taking oral contraceptives can cause hormonal changes, leading to migraines.

Trigger #3 – Sleep and Wake Pattern Changes

Sometimes a change in your sleep and wake pattern may be all it takes to trigger a migraine headache. If you get too much sleep or you miss out on sleep, this can trigger an attack. Even jet lag is known as one of the common migraine headache triggers.

Trigger #4 – Sensory Stimuli

In some cases, sensory stimuli tends to bring on a migraine. Glare from the sound and bright lights often can lead to a migraine. Smells can cause this problem as well, triggering migraines to occur. Some smells, such as paint thinner, perfumes, and even secondhand smoke are enough to start a migraine headache.

Trigger #5 – Certain Medications

Certain medications can act as migraine headache triggers as well. A variety of medications when taken can lead to migraines. Some of the culprits often include nifedipine, cimetidine, glycerly trinitrate, and more. If you think that medications may be triggering your migraines, it is important to talk to your doctor.

Of course, these are just a few of the migraine headache triggers that may start migraine headaches. Some of the other triggers include environmental changes, physical exertion, stress, and more. Even sexual activity is known to be a trigger for many people. It’s important to monitor your headaches to find your own triggers so you can avoid them. Often tracking and then avoiding triggers can significantly reduce the amount of migraines you experience.