The Most Common Beauty Care Cosmetics Ingredients

June 7, 2021 0 By admin

Cosmetics are comprised from a blend of different chemical substances derived either from mineral sources or chemically synthesized ones. The chemicals that go into cosmetics are usually classified into two broad categories, those that are naturally occurring and those that are man-made. Examples of naturally occurring elements are the alkaloids found in cactus, herbs, and pine bark, as well as the carbon compounds found in fossil fuels and coal. The synthetics on the other hand, come from a wide range of sources such as plastics, dyes, flavorings, perfumes, binders, and binders.

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It is impossible to talk about cosmetics without mentioning the three magic words, lipsticks, eyeliners, and mascaras. These three items are the most visible and, to a woman’s eyes, the most attractive features of any cosmetics package. Lipsticks are applied to the lips to waterproof them and to add color and fullness. Eyeliners are used to line the eyes and are supposed to define them while mascara adds curl to the eye area and defining cheekbones

These three beauty care cosmetics play a vital role in keeping our skin healthy. However, despite their importance, some of these items are more popular than others. For example, the cosmetics lotion is the most heavily sold item. This may be because lotions are easy to apply and have long lasting properties. Also, the waterproof quality of lotion makes it perfect for waterproof makeup application. Lotion and cosmetics have also been linked in ancient times with sexual functions.

Other examples include the body lotion, which is a lubricant added to the human body to prevent friction between clothing and the skin. Aluminium is commonly added to cosmetics because it is believed to help increase the body’s immune system. However, research has shown that aluminium might also be linked to cancer formation. Aluminium thickeners as well as other additives such as dioxane have been banned in the European Union.

One other common ingredient in cosmetics is the preservative benzyl alcohol. This is often added as an agent to preserve the other ingredients. However, research shows that when this chemical is applied at high concentration, it develops its own carcinogenic properties.

Lipstick, mascara and eyeliners are the most commonly found ingredients in cosmetics. Lipsticks are used to add color, shape and lining while eyeliners help in drawing the eye and making it look natural. Although lipsticks occur naturally in the body, cosmetic manufacturers have discovered a way to make lipstick last longer. They have developed glosses and liquid eyeliners. Both these ingredients are included in the makeup that is most widely used.