Finishing Your Wooden Furniture

May 25, 2021 0 By admin

Buying wood furniture for your home needs a little thought. After all, not all pieces of furniture are created equally nor should you settle for sub-par pieces simply because they cost less. If you’re buying used furniture, make sure to inspect the pieces before you buy them. Here are a few tips to help you with your purchase and make it a pleasant experience.

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Look at the construction, material, and finish before you choose your wood furniture. It will also help to get to know some wood furniture terminology, too. Wood Source Knowing what wood furniture to buy can be confusing, so here’s a glossary of the most important wood furniture terms you should know:

Grain. The grain is the pattern in the wood furniture surface. This gives wood furniture its unique character and helps to add interest to a piece. Grain can be different woods or just about any one style of wood. However, most wood furniture grain patterns are standard across all different woods

Redwood. The heartwood is the outer layer of the wood. It has the deepest and most vibrant color of all the grains and is often the hardest wood in existence. It is most commonly used for fine furniture construction. Cherry Redwood Also referred to as WRC, this type is very popular and has a reddish tint.

Growth Rings. Growth rings are concentric circles cut into the wood from long, perpendicular growth rings on individual trees. Because of this, it is easy to see the individual rings from afar. Different wood furniture woods have different growth rings, but the most common is brown. Growth rings help give wood an even, rich color.

Pine. Hardwoods come primarily from one group of trees-hardy oak, American Chestnut, and softwood maple. Each of these trees grows in unique patterns that make them unique. Some of the wood varies between the color of softwood maple and a lighter shade of pine.

Cedar. This is a softwood from pine trees with a medium to coarse grain. The wood is slightly oily but can be oily or dry without being cracked or damaged. Cedar wood is best used for flooring and trim, although the tree itself can be used for furniture. The wood can be cracked for use on other things, such as toys.

Other woods vary by their usage and environmental conditions. One may be good for one thing, but not for another. Also, the types of woods mentioned above are just some of the most popular woods for furniture. Wood furniture varies greatly in price due to things like density and grain, color, and many other factors. It is important to consider all the things a piece of furniture will be exposed to, especially if it is going in a room that children, pets, or teens will be spending a lot of time in.

Wood furniture can take quite a beating from wear and tear, so it needs to be repaired in places where wood will be scratched or dented. Repairing scratches and dents requires special tools that most do-it-yourselfers don’t have. Professionals have these specialized tools for just this reason. If you do want to attempt repairs on your own, be sure to buy quality repair materials to avoid damage and further scratches on your finished product. This is especially important for sanding and polishing wood grain, which can both cause deep scratches on a finished piece.